Ignorant, Luckiness & Smartness about investments

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          Everybody will be agreeing with us that, investing in equity will be for long-term. Even each and every financial advisor, product distributor had argue that, also same. But, if someone had put his investment in equity in 2008 than still his return will be close to zero % or little higher or lower, but other one had put his investment in equity in 2009 than his return will be 2.5 times. So what you will think now! But, sometimes long-term was very long-term.

Before 2008 crisis long-term definition is 3 to 5 Years period for investments. But now it’s extended to 10 Years. If someone had put his investments in equity in 1997 Rs. 10000 than its present value is close to 3 to 350000. But what you will do it this corpus, even should don’t capable to brought a new car. Present monetary value of…

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